Ok, I, Super Grape, have discovered a new glitch….. Or old glitch…. Anyways, here are the steps.

Step 1: Go to the PHF’s All in One Center and login to poptropica. http://thephf.com/phfChat/

Step 2: Open up a new tab and go to poptropica.com, again login on the same account.

Step 3: Your poptropican should have a random outfit on the poptropica site, NOT The PHF All in one Center. Also, it will say you have 0 credits, and have finnished NO islands.

Step 4: Go to a multiplayer room (still on poptropica.com) and look at your poptropican’s name. It should say ‘Name Unknown.’ This is NOT permanent!

There you go!

P.S. I might add a pic if I can get it to work again…