Well, we haven’t posted in a long time so now for SUPER UPDATES! We will start off with PCB posts.

Let the fun begin!

Head on over to the store to check out the new Silly Streams and Followers Spook Pack! Now you have everything you need to get the party started!

And while you’re there, take a look at these new creepy outfits!

And Now For The Current Ad in Poptropica!

Prepare for the major craziness of Scrat. This mission is to help Scrat find acorns for Scratte. If you complete the mission you get this.

So be sure to visit this very cool ad.

And now for some awesome forum updates!!!!!

MAP is gonna be back! We don’t know the link, or if Motion is has even started but, it’s gonna be back and better than ever!

Here is proof of it.

MAP is BACK (Yaay that rhymed!)

Like I always say, you can never keep a good coder down.

Random Person in the Audience:
You don’t always say that!

Anyway, back to my speech. I’d like to announce that, as the title indicates, MAP is back. What exactly does this mean? It means that the project our friends crushed *cough*CREATORS*cough* has come back from the dead, with a vengeance. It will now include several awesome-butt-kicking features (one of them the ability have the changes effect your Poptropican), but I won’t go into them in this post. Stay tuned!

(this is Motion’s post so don’t be telling me stuff  you didn’t like.)

Poptroportex is now out! Don’t know what it is? Well it’s this little thing that teleports you to ads.  You must be logged in to poptropica when you use it though.

Link: http://thephf.com/poptroportex/

The Multiverse Project is Out!

Here is the post that was made on the forums by Motion.

Can you believe it? After all this time…it’s finally here.

here is the link. http://www.thephf.com/TMP

So that’s all for this post!

This is TÅïkØ signing off.