I am now presenting Evil Talk Episode 1 through 9 now. Oh yeah and I am going to make Evil Talk here and the Poptropica Tv Production whole crew so here are the episodes

Evil Talk Episode 1

Me:We are live on the PHF I am here with Binary Bard hey
Binary Bard:Hello
Me:How does it feel to be evil bb
Binary Bard:Just the usual getting caught every time
Me: Yeah I like those times
Binary Bard:Of course you like those times your good your not bad like me and Dr.Hare
Me:Speaking of Dr.Hare bring him here
Dr.Hare:Good Morning
Me:How does it feel to be Evil
Dr.Hare:Like the usal getting caught
Me:Are you and Bianry Bard like twins because he just said the same things
Dr.Hare:Well I won’t say twins I will say alike
Me:Since when you became a Doctor
Dr.Hare:I was a doctor
Me:Really interesting
Dr.Hare:But then I tried to rule the world but it didn’t work because of you
Me:Yeah I am awesome well that is all for now folks see you next time on…
All Together:The Evil Talk!!!!
Episode 2
Me:And we are live from The PHF Boydude here wants me to put in Dora Gone Wrong but I said NO later on Episode 3 and I have a special guest here Director D
Director D:Hello
Me:So how does it feel to be Evil
Director D:Its good we get to steal things instesd of buying it
Me:But you get caught
Director D:Yeah that that is true
Me:Are you nervous
Director D:No no
Me:Why are you stuttering
Director D:NO I AM NOT *Pulls out a Ray Gun shoots the camera*
Me:And we are back sorry for the interruption Director D just went crazy *Check his pocket*
Me:He stold my wallet

*This is thread is now close*

Episode 3
Me:And we are live on the PHF we have a special guest here The Great Booga who is in a fish bowl.
Great Booga:Rar (Hello)
Me:So you are just a fish how did you became Evil
Great Booga:Rar (When I ate a fish)
Me:When was that
Great Booga:Rar (On December 19,1997)
Me:Thats a suprise my Birthday so what happen
Great Booga:Rar (I was hungry and my mom didn’t feed me trash)
Me:Really trash most of the sharks eat fishes
Great Booga:Rar (Thats when I ate blood I turn to a Monster)
Great Booga:Rar (Yes like now) *Breaks the fish bowl and goes to the audience*
Me:Thats it for now bye
Episode 3
Me:And we are live on the PHF we have a special guest Betty Jetty
Betty Jetty:Hello
Me:When you had created a crime
Betty Jetty:When I’ve been created I destroyed my creator
Me:Interesting who was your foe
Betty Jetty:You and your little Sidekick Ned Noodlehead
Me:Yeah I am awesome and you are ummm… yeah don’t know what are you
Betty Jetty:Want me to give you a beating
Me:Come on then
Betty Jetty:*Uses her green laser to attack me*
Police:There she is
Betty Jetty:*Runs*
Episode 4
Me:And we are live on The PHF we have are special guest Squeezy Monster
Me:Squeezy whats your plan now
Me:Interesting and you plan to rule yhe PHF
Sm:YEZ and DesTrOYZZZ MotIonMaN and all of his MoDZZZZZZZ
Me:Wow way to much bad grammer and lets talk about the people that made fun of you on the Showing visitor message
Sm:I SHaz DesTRoyzzzzz DeMZZZZZz
Me:This one is from Alebettina You are just weird to be older than me and this you act like a 7 years old
Sm:SILenCeZZZZ I WilLz kIlL uU
Me:And from Red Spider Your not going to rule anything
Sm:SilencZZZZZ I kill Uu
Me:And from Ice Ice I seen Evil-er
Me:And we are done here…
Sm:*Hits Me in the head with one of the cameras and I get knock out*
Episode 5
Me: Today I, motionman95, will be hosting “Evil Talk”! But now to our guest. He his stinky. He is evil. He is a lover of rats. He is…THE RATMAN!!!

crowd goes wild as the ratman walks on stage

The RM: Thanks for the applause, everyone! *throws fists in air*

crowd immediately stops cheering and covers their noses, and yell to the Ratman to lower his armpits. Feeling dejected, the Ratman lowers his armpits and takes a seat.
Me:So, tell me, Ratman, how does it feel to know that Poptropicans everywhere despise you?


The RM: It hurts, ya know? I mean, we villains have feelings too. I tried to get a psychologist to help with the depression, but when we had our first session he immediately covered his nose and ran, screaming “SOMEBODY CALL A DOCTOR!! I C-C-CAN’T BREATHE!!!”. Ever since then I’ve had a low self esteem.

Me: Wow. That’s tragic. So, tell me, do the other villians feel the same?

The RM: Well, I know for sure that Dr. Hare had a psychologist, but Dr. Hare had him executed by Rabbots after he said that Dr. Hare needed to control his temper.

Me: *scoots chair* O..K..um, another question: What caused you to bond with rats?

The RM: Well, as a kid, ya know, I never really had friends, do to the fact that I kept making death threats at the other kids, ya know? So, whenever I could I escaped to the park. It felt nice there, and I could pretend I had friends. I’d make up whole conversations with my pretend friends – which, just happened to be rats. I never thought they listened to me, or could understand me.

Me: *chough* Weirdo *cough* OK, so, um, how did you find out that you could talk to rats?

The RM: Well, over time, the more and more I kept talking with the rats, the closer I felt to them. And then one day, all of a sudden, I realized I could hear the rats’ thoughts, and they could hear mine.

Me: Sounds *cough* Creepy *cough* interesting. So tell me, what does the villain gig pay?

The RM: Well, before you and the other Poptropicans came along (I don’t know how they got so bold, I mean all they used to do is walk along the streets.), things were pretty sweet. The rats would steal whatever money or food I needed, and in return, I’d sing songs to them.

Me: Uh huh…Riiiiight. Well, I’d like to conclude this episode with one last question: How did you get the name Ratman?

The RM: Well, one day, when I was in they park, ya know, and this kid was making fun of me. He had seen me talking to the rats. He was laughing and pointing, and calling me names. He started calling me “The Ratman” every time he saw me, and soon other people picked it up. At that point, I had had it. That kid was never heard from again, ya know, heh, ya know?


woman in the crowd stands up and screams “YOU KIDNAPPED MY LITTLE TIMMY!!! TIMMEEEEEYYYY!!!!” *POLICE BUST IN DOOR*

The RM: Uh oh, looks like they found me. YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME, NEVER!!!!!!

The Ratman proceeds to run off stage, crashing into a wall head first. Stunned, he continues to run crazily around the studio, screaming.

Me: UH….thanks for watching “The Evil Talk”! I’m your host, motionman95, telling you to “WATCH THE HECK OUT FOR THE RATMAN, BECAUSE HE COULD POSSIBLY GO HOMICIDAL AND KILL YOU!” Thanks for watching – *BOOM!! CAMERA GOES CRAZY* – bye!


Episode 6
Me:Welcome to The Evil Talk featuring me and The Crusher.*crowd goes wild*
The Crusher: Hello, PUNK!!!
Me: So The Crusher, how does it feel to be defeated by the car that you were standing on?
The Crusher: ARE YOU MAKIN’ FUN OF ME, PUNK!!!!!
Me: No no no, What I mean is poptropica is full of stuff, but somehow in the whole world, that car that you were standing on was one of the only cars in ALL of poptropica.
The Crusher: SO, PUNK!!!!!
Me: AS I WAS SAYING, did you even think for a minute that I could have beaten you if you weren’t on that car, I know I didn’t.
The Crusher: I would have won if Chuck Norris didn’t roundhouse kick me when I was 5, PUNK!!!!!!!!!
Me: What…..?
The Crusher: Chuck Norris, I SHALL DEFEAT YOU, PUNKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Well, Crusher is having a meltdow…….
The Crusher: Wait, WHATTTTTTTT*he inturupted* MY NAME IS NOT CRUSHER IT’S THE CRUSHER, PUNK!!!!!!*The Crusher runs out screaming and comes back in calm*
Me: Soooo, I think it’s time forrrrrrr Your New Car!!! *crowd goes wild*
The Crusher: Uh oh…., PUNK!!!! *he whispered to himself*
Me: Well The Crusher, guess what, you get a NEW CARRRRRR!!!! Wait, what?*producer calls* Someone destroyed the car!!! WHAT!!!! The Crusher, did you have something to do with this?
The Crusher: *waves hand in front of my face* I did not destoy the car.
Me: What are you doing, your doing something that a jedi would do, kinda like Sir Rebrall.
The Crusher: AHHHHHHHHH, PUNK!!!!!!!! *The Crusher stomps and destoys the whole building, while the building is falling Boydude345 has time for 1 last message*
Me: Oh my bad as I was saying…….WHFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Episode 7
Me:And we are live on The PHF are special guest Sir Rebal
Sir Rebal:Hello
Me:So when you got to control minds
Sir Rebal:When I weared these special glasses
Me:Interesting and how you became evil
Sir Rebal:When I weared this special glasses
Me:You just said the same thing
Sir Rebal:I know
Me:Okkkkk so why did you wanted to come to this show
Sir Rebal:For I can control everybody mind and make them zombies to destroy you
Audience go after me
Episode 8
Me:And we are live in the PHF and our special guest Binary Bard (again)
Binary Bard:Hey people
Me:Binary Bard why are you sad
Binary Bard:Evil is turning to nerds
Me:Ah I see
Binary Bard:Yeah like Squeezy Monster
Me:Well things change like the Evil Talk
Binary Bard:What do you mean
Me:Weeeeeeeeellllllllll since every evil person is turning to nerds then I am making this tv show Nerd Talk then I will have more money and fans
Binary Bard:Fans? You don’t have fans
Me:My private message inbox is soo full I have to erase everything this is what all my fans say Oh Eddie your soo cool can you make me a sig
Binary Bard:You don’t know how to make a sig
Me:What happen
Binary Bard:some kind of transformation
Me:Ok thats it for now folks this is the last episode of the Evil Talk but I am still continuing with the episode numbers bye
Binary Bard: geek

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