Hey everybody Eddie here and I got some very important news. To start with 

WASHINGTON – Many states declare students to have grade-level mastery of reading and math when they do not, the Education Department reported Thursday.

The agency compared state achievement standards to the more challenging standards behind the federally funded National Assessment of Educational Progress.

Our fail for today

A guy trying to do the moonwalk and fail by falling down in the ground (that rhymed)

School Day

Today at school interim test and some high schoolers “knick knock” (if thats how they call it) on our classroom. My 4th period teacher actually started to cry and called the police.  

Halloween is almost here (2 days left) and I am dressing up as The Wolfman but only the mask.
The Most Important
Poptropica Skins-Poptropica is getting alot fancy Poptropica, t-shirts, wall graphics, and device skin. Here what the creators say in the post.
Poptropica has teamed up with skinit.com to get skins for all kinds of devices – laptops, cell phones, mp3 players, and more! Check it out!
Astroknight I guess...

I like...the pictures...

Question:What are you wearing halloween?
Question:Do you think Poptropica is getting fancy?
Answer and I will reply (maybe:)