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You don’t have to go to college earn a decent living. Some professions pay good salaries without requiring post-secondary schooling.

A college degree can be a great path towards a well-paying, satisfying profession, but a bachelor’s degree isn’t for everyone. In fact, some see advanced education as overrated. A surge in the number of college graduates have dampened the value of a college education. College comes intact with high tuition, room and board, and supplies fees – and that’s not even factoring in debt payments that usually last for years, if not decades.

 Fail for today


School Day

History went bad. A robber came to our class and pulled out a gun. Luckily I survive and my friend got killed. My teacher had to fight him off and this girl called the police. If you watch the news you would see me.


Most Important

Woooooohooooooooooo. We get to buy Haunted House. How lucky are we. We can now get the scythe anytime *cough*fearless hero*cough*. As I was saying Poptropica is getting fancy. Jeff Kinney even said “I want Poptropica to be the fancy of all fancy virtual game”. So go and buy Haunted House for FREE. My favorite word after AWESOME. Bye guys see you i don’t know when