Here they are!!!!! Performing in PHINC! QUIXOTIC!!!!!!!

*guitar solo*

It’s called Steamworks. Enjoy 🙂 



I’m coming out Steamwork Island 

With a medallion 

Fighting bad guys 

That cost me a million. 

Floatin up in da air 

With no rides from the fair 

No inventions from the mayor 

Dis island is isolated 

Only clues dat have fingers paced 

Plants destroying 

Mechanics mourning 

Scurvy Gameboy 


Your mystery glows, 

as darkness beholds, 

and behind the metal and machine! 

Against the cold wind, 

on the metalic land, 

as dead leaves float and preen. 

( change of melody) 

Welcome tooo steamworks, the land of the. lost. steam… 



I’ve been waiting for this time 

To fight crime. 

To the earliest 

To the dangerous 

To the carrots 

To the time moving 

To super flying 

To hair rising 

To spirits 

To comics 

To Space 

Now the fake 

Then the Fame 

After that the myths 

From the treasure 

Now steamwork. 

Off to the future. 


Clockwork Kaz 


Fighting Plants 

Getting trap 

Finding your way 

With a map 

Couldn’t see nothing 

With all these vines. 

Looking at fern allies. 

This is where I get my clockwork. 

From steamwork. 

 AWESOME!!!!!  I love dat song!!!! I’m I.F leaving!!