Facts about Fish

  • I like Poptropica.
  • I am 10.
  • I like cheats/glitches.
  • I live in U.S.A
  • I speak RUSSIAN.

Drummer3290 info:

  • I am 10 11
  • I like Video Games
  • I live in North America
  • I speak Spanish

Super grape says:

  • I am awesome 
  • I like Poptropica
  • I am 12
  • I am a boy

Facts about Muddydragon:

  • I am a Boy
  • I am 12 years old
  • I like Poptropica (No dur)
  • I play soccer at a competitive level
  • I live in the USA

Facts About Eddie

  • I’m 12
  • I’m American
  • I Play Poptropica
  • I go to Madison Elem School
  • I am in  the 7th
    Facts about Maroonfire23:

  • I’m 10
  • I live in New York City
  • I practice the Piano
  • My birthday’s December 5th
  • I play and love poptropica

Comments? Questions? send a email to poptropicahelpinc.fish@gmail.com


22 Responses to “About”

  1. Speedy Ice Says:

    Gawd. Grammar Pls. Nice site..

    Incredible Fish says: Thanks!

  2. Incredible Fish Says:

    MY about page is messed up. Speedy Ice want to be my fourth owner?

  3. Incredible Fish Says:

    I fixed it.

  4. Shiny Carrot Says:

    I think your Poptropican should face the other way. It looks better that way.

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      Don’t you remember you are on this blog + the other site I made on Gmail.
      Yes I agree.

  5. Zany Glove Says:

    can i join this site as an author?

  6. Super Grape Says:

    Hey, Fish, can you add that I live in the USA? I forget to tell you.

  7. Good job with this blog so far guys! 😀

    1. Incredible Fish Says:


  8. fairypmermaid Says:

    hi im new here…….i am now a part of zis blog

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      No you aren’t you are part of this blog Sorry http://pricklypaw.wordpress.com/

  9. Speedy Ice Says:

    Uh.. You asked me to be part of this blog? Ok.. mebbe.

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      Aren’t you busy with IBOP? (why did oh nvm) If you don’t want to join you don’t need to. It’s you decision. Have fun with party on IBOP. (I wish I was included)
      Have Fun!

      1. Speedy Ice Says:

        Well.. Yeah true… I am really busy with the IBOP, especially with bash and everything… but it’s your choice whether you want me in. I’m fine with comin in.

  10. Shiny Carrot Says:

    Can you make me part of this blog? Thanks!
    Oh btw, can you maybe PM me how to add a staff list? I want to put you in it.

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      This blog is full. Ok go to my dashboards on the top. Click shiny carrot. Then you look on the left side bar for users then go down and add users by emails.

  11. Eddie Says:


    Drummer3290: We are not looking for new members now.

    1. Eddie Says:

      but fish said yes and i made wordpress i got every thing under control

      1. drummer3290 Says:

        I guess you can join if fish said.

  12. eddie Says:

    the forums has change

  13. Brayden Says:


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  14. metsfan21 Says:

    Hey Eddie,u really should keep ur School Name secret. I’d edit it cause..umm..I think u get the point 😐 Also,I thought this Blog was dead before,but I’m Glad to see u posting again Fish.

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