Send us some codes. By commenting.

Ctrl+Shift+R Randomize your character.

Ctrl+Shift+S Change your color of your skin.

Ctrl+Shift+H Change your hair color. If The history of your things pops up close it and try again.

Ctrl + Shift + 1 You do a laughing emote.

Ctrl + Shift + 2 You do a crying emote.

Ctrl + Shift + 3 You do a mad emote.

Ctrl + Shift + 4 Jump and Smile emote

I think this is my favorite laughing with red face. Ok do the mad emote then do the laughing emote or what emote you want you do the other emote with red face.

Ctrl + Shift + P Your person gets a Halloween pumpkin mask!

F10 Pause game

F11 Fullscreen

F12 A white bar on the bottom where you can type.

Here’s some you can do with the cell phone from Nabooti Island:

1225-Santa hat and bag
911-Police belt and hat
411-Brain hat
(Credit to muddydragon)

There is this glitch, where you can keep on climbing once in the blimp. Jump on to your rope and keep going up. Don’t click on travel. Once you are in the basket, your character will look like the person in the image below.
(Credit to Speedy Ice)(Picture Credit to Speedy Ice)

Time Tangled Cheat click on the crab 10 times fast after you go off the blimp and the crab blows up.
Image(Credit to Incredible Fish)

Getting a Wine Cup
(warning this only works when you start spy.) Go to the bistro the dining place and go to the chef and tell him you want to be a chef. If you pass his test you get a chef hat. Put it on. Go to the top guy at the table and while the cup apears quickly do Ctrl + Shift + S.
(Credit to Incredible Fish)

Fun cheat: Go to the farm house in 24 carrot island and enter through the chimney. Turn the knobs on the upstairs shower so the cat comes out. Then press ctrl+shift+r. It will turn the cat into a human on all fours! Keep in mind though; this will randomize your character, so don’t do it if you really like your outfit.
(Credit to muddydragon)(Picture Credit to Incredible Fish)

Standing On Rope go to a rope do a emote or do space a special for a costume except don’t do Ctrl + Shift + 4 Jump and Smile emote.
Now you are standing on the rope. Don’t do anything or you will be climbing like regular.

Holding Black Juice
(Credit to Fearless Paw a commenter on for the following information:

Travel on the Blimp to 24 Carrot Island.
Enter the Carrot King Diner.
Go to the “Change Your Hair Color” Section of the Diner. Click on it, which will open up a screen with various colors in containers.
Fill the cup with white.
As your Poptropican drinks it, press down on Ctrl+Shift+S. 
Your mouse should become a swirl. Close down the tab.
Re-enter your account. Your Poptropican should be holding a cup with black liquid in it!

In this cheat, you can stand on air. WARNING: This cheat code only works if you completed Nabooti island.

First, Go to The Nabooti African Museum. Go down, then go right and jump onto the platform saying “NABOOTI”. Jump On to the platform to your left, then the one above it. From there, jump a little bit to the right, and then you should be standing on air!

Here is an image of Speedy Ice standing on air:
And me standing even higher

Ok, I, Super Grape, have discovered a new glitch….. Or old glitch…. Anyways, here are the steps.

Step 1: Go to the PHF’s All in One Center and login to poptropica.

Step 2: Open up a new tab and go to, again login on the same account.

Step 3: Your poptropican should have a random outfit on the poptropica site, NOT The PHF All in one Center. Also, it will say you have 0 credits, and have finnished NO islands.

Step 4: Go to a multiplayer room (still on and look at your poptropican’s name. It should say ‘Name Unknown.’ This is NOT permanent!

There you go!

P.S. I might add a pic if I can get it to work again…

Enjoy the cheats!

Warning Only works if you have the bowtie!
Go on the blimp to Spy Island if already there stay.
Put on your bow tie and go on the bouncy wire jump high and use the bow tie to go down
to the ground (while doing this have to be on the wire). Woah! you are on the road instead of the sidewalk and go to the left on the road to get rid of the wire. To get off the road just jump
(Credit to Incredible Fish)

This glitch makes you look like you’re skiing on grass, or any other type of terrain that wasn’t meant to be skied on. It also makes you jitter every few seconds. The only catch to this is that it can’t be done in multiplayer rooms, and I think you must have an item in your hand. Press space (must be first), don’t let go of it. This “activates” the item in your hand. After pressing space (while not letting go), either go left or right (using your mouse) continuously and your character will look like it’s skiing. If you point your arrow up or down, it won’t look like you’re doing the glitch, but you could still do it if you accidentally go in the wrong direction. Just make sure you are standing, not in the air (pointing your arrow up) or standing in one position (pointing your arrow down).
(Credit to Deathstalker)

This glitch makes you.. go against a wall in a funny way. You could do this in any multiplayer room. This is simpler than the last one. First you want to make you sure are pushing against the wall, sweating and angry by clicking the wall (the actual wall in the room, either wall, and either level of the room is fine). This isn’t the glitch. The actual glitch, I think again, requires you to have an item in your hand. While pushing against the wall, press space to “activate” your item, don’t let go. And you’re done.
(Credit to Deathstalker)


14 Responses to “Cheat Codes”

  1. drummer3290 Says:

    call 911 on the Nabooti cell phone and you get a police suit

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      LOL WE ALL KNOW THAT! and btw you are part of this site. 😉

  2. drummer3290 Says:

    The F11 cheat doesn’t work for me.

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      Is it macintosh? Only works for Windows and some other computers. Macintosh has different codes.

      1. drummer3290 Says:

        I have Windows Vista. And my web browser is FireFox.

      2. Incredible Fish Says:

        Some computers have diffrent keys.

  3. zanygamer Says:

    Cool cheat codes!! And I like the header too.

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      Thanks. The header was made by Crazy Flyer.

  4. Speedy Ice Says:

    well.. Your cheats are good.. but the grammar needs a lotta work.

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      Ya the cup cheat needs grammar. I did that one a LONG time ago.

  5. undefined undefined Says:

    Hey guys are you supposed to be like the altament blogers or something?!

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      We try!

  6. metsfan21 Says:

    Hi Incredible Fish. Can my blog use your cheats? We’ll give you credit and add your blog to the poptropica blogs section,or advertising page. Heres the link to my blog:

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      Not now.

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