By MuddyDragon

  • Welcome to Astro-Knights Island

As in all quests, it all starts with a single step, or in the case of Poptropica, a blimp ride. Take the large yellow blimp to Astro-Knights Island to start your quest.

  • The Mordred Museum

Once on Astro-Knights Island, walk to the right a little until you see a fountain with a rocket ship on top. Inside of the fountain, there is a small glint of gold. It is a gold coin. Get it. Now go back to the right and enter the “House ofMordred” otherwise know as the “Mordred Museum”.

If you try to go any where at first, the man next to the door will stop you and tell you that the cost to enter is 1 gold coin. He will then give you a pamphlet about the museum. Quite convenient, isn’t it, that you just so happen to have a gold coin from the fountain. Give the man the coin and he will let you enter the house. Jump up to the top floor and click on the stack of books nearest to his bed. The man at the door will stop you from touching them, but give you an old library receipt anyways. Looking closer at the receipt, you’ll see that Mordred certainly loved checking out a certain book from the library.

  • The Castles Dungeon

Exit Mordred’s house and walk to the right until you get to the castle. Along the way, you will pass the Planetarium; it has a telescope that lets you see into space, and the Crop Circle Inn; the islands multiplayer room.

Now enter the castle. Once in the castle, go into the large wooden door on your right. You are now in the library. On the top level of the library, walk all the way to the left and you will get a book titled “The Mystical Weapons of Arturus”. It will tell you about the three mystical weapons of Arturus. In the middle of the bottom level, you will find a book called “The Life of Mordred”. It gives you more background on Mordred and how he betrayed Arturus. Now walk over to the bookshelf on the bottom level nearest the door. One of the small signs on the bookshelf says McM. Click on the brick right above it. It will open a secret door to the dungeon. Go down.

You will find a piece of moldy cheese, a switch on the wall, and a robot in the prison cell. Get the moldy cheese and pull the switch. It will open a small door at the back of the cell. If you click on the robot, it will say “Bard” in binary.


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