By: Eddie

first, you go into the museaum at nabooti island. talk to the person standing near the
todem. once you get the map find the pilot standing near the plane.  go fly the plane
then, fly to the mountain moons place. watch out for the goats. avoid the 1st goat, then
jump onto the 2nd goat. the goat should boost you up onto a ledge that you can’t jump on
yourself.then, go all the way up onto the 2nd ledge. then talk to the lady standing near a
rock. talk to her. then grab the fig. jump onto all of the small ledges of snow, but watch
out for the big rock. play manacala with the the guy. just play it until you get it.then,
jump down to the bottom. grab the cellphone. the jump on the little pillars inside the
cave. you should get the red jewl. now, go into kaya forest. there is a tree that has a
gold nugget nesteled in to it. grab it. go into niles falls.jump onto the top of the plane
and jump on the small ledges once you get to the top, you should get a a rare flower.
collect it. then , go to the other side. help the lady. what you do is: take the chicken
to the right side. then go grab the fox from the left side. you should have the chicken
and the fox on the right side. take the chicken back to the left side. take the feed and
put it to the left side. then go back and put the chicken to the right side. you should
hav them all in the right place. read the measage the lady tells you. on the right side
there is a big bush on a a stone ledge, click the bush and go into the cave. collect the
purple jewl. go back to nabooti island and go to a little market shop. buy a black turban
and a digital camera. go to the safari place and talk to big zeke. take pictures of the
animals. then when he gives you a mine helmet go to the diamond mines (at the bottom of
the map) go straight and turn the nob on a yellow box thingie.  jump on the big hill then
go onto the crane go straight u’ll fall you should fall on a grssy ledge. then jump onto a
a oil can and jump through.  find the source of where the explosive carts come from. then
once you do, go through it.  u will see a box with a green button and 2 loose wires
hanging out. click the nob and it’ll stop the thing that’s putting the explosive carts
out. take the oil can and push it until it can’t go no further. then, push the green
button. a yellow spark should travel  down the oil line. the rock should explode. then do
it again. turn the thing off, then push the oil can until it can’t go no further. then
turn the thing on and watch the stone wall colapse. now push the mine cart. now the
pattern here is. duck jump, so forth. so, keep on doing that until you reach the end. jump
on to the wodden thing where all the jewls are. search for the jewl. it’s on the right
side. once you find the white jewl climb up the rope. fly to giza. put your black turban to the 1st guy, the guy who’s mouths covered. he will give you a shovel. walk over
to the guy, vince.  use ur cellphone to call the number on the shovel. vince will try to
find his phone. while vince looks for his phone, click his backpack. u will receive a moon
stone. climb the sphinx, and put the moon stone in the sphinx ring. it’ll open the door.
enter the door. go forward. u’ll see a rectangle with lines on it. just fiddle with this
one until u get the all going straight.go throught the enterance. u’ll see a carving with
what order to put the blocks in. fiddle with this to. a stone wall will open. this one is
tricky. you must jump on the tile that has the actual hyrogliphic on the stone near the
enterance/ may take alot of trys. now here, as you see there is animal statues.
there are dots on them. there is 1 statue, that has 1 dot on it, then a statue that has 2
dots on it. this goes on until what you do is, pull the lever that makes the statue
that has 1 dot on it fall. you must realese  all of theese quickly because sand will pour
out of the big carvings mouths. then pull the lever that realeses the other statue that
has 2 dots on it. do that until u pull the last lever. a tomb will open when the levers
were pulled correctly. collect the blue jewel. now reverse the way you came. but, when you
get to the point where you jump the bridges, instead of going completely reversed, climb
down the rope. now, head left for the exit. now fly to kaya forest. take out the pink fig.
let the tortis eat it. go to the hole where the tortise was lieing on. dig there. you will
receive a ebony elephant. 2 ghosts will apear. talk to the one with the mask. now fly back
to nabooti. talk to the woaman who you haven’t traded yet. give her the ebony elephant,
then she will give you the fingo. return back to kaya forest. give the fingo to the ghost
in the mask. he will give you the green jewel. now go back to nabooti island. go into the
museam, go to the todem. so here is the order the jewels go into.: purple-top, green-2nd
top,then red, then white, then blue, . then your done!  hope this cheat helps!


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  1. wildpenguin Says:

    nice guide!

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