By Super Grape


Ok, start off by going straight to the right untill you see a girl crying. Talk to her and then follow her into Pendulum’s Lab. Next, go down all the way to the giant plug. Push it to plug the machine in. Go back up to the girl and talk to her. She gives you the “Mission Printout”. Next you need to enter the machine, this will take you to a brown area. Go to the left and you will see an old poptropican. This is you in 50 years. Talk to the person and ask them to help you repair the past. They will then give you an item called the “Time Device”. Now, open the Time Device and click on the first person to the left of Lab. Now press the knob to travel through time.

Okay, you should now be on Mount Everest! This is what it should look like:Mount Everest Now, go all the way to the right and jump up. Now go to the left, but be careful of an area where you can fall through. Then you wil have to start jumping up the platforms. Eventually you will come to a rope, climb up it. Now go to the man in a blue coat and ask why he’s stopped here. Go to the right untill you see another platform, go up all the platforms and there will be a rope to climb. Now move to the left, and be careful when going up the next platforms. There are icicles falling down at you. After you get up, take the “Statue of Liberty”.


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