I give this page credit to PHB.



2. Don’t be rude.

3. Don’t Cuss or Swear.

4. Only Talk about Poptropica.

5. If you have a question you can ask them here.

6. Have fun.


35 Responses to “Poptropica Talk”

  1. drummer3290 Says:

    To start out lets talk about Reality TV Island

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      It’s coming before 2010.

      1. zanygamer Says:

        I wonder how it’s going to be like.

      2. And how are they going to do the competition?

  2. Speedy Ice Says:

    Well… I can’t wait for tv island.. and hippie guy looks wierd.

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      LOL ya.

      1. kh833 Says:

        ok so im having problems.ok so i desited t ochat with somone rondom.so i asked him a question and he answered back.but he answered somthing he wanted.and im stuck here asking questions.can sombody help how to talk.ppplllleeeeaaasssseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tii Says:

    Hee hee. I’m still Zany Gamer, except not logged in.

  4. drummer3290 Says:

    Let’s talk about new costume ideas.

    1. Speedy Ice Says:

      YES, SIR! Uh… A devil costume?

      1. Incredible Fish Says:

        Too dangerous. Think there are little kids.

    2. drummer3290 Says:

      A monkey and a taco costume!!!!

      1. NeatGlove Says:

        LOL! That would be so cool! 😀

  5. drummer3290 Says:

    We should Put your chat on here.

    1. kfa38 Says:

      how bout a snake costume

    2. kfa38 Says:

      can we have a wolf costume?

    3. laa5901 Says:

      hi dude…. sup

  6. Eddie Says:


  7. Eddie Says:

    i dont thin rtv is coming out

  8. redjaguars Says:

    it is in december 25,2009 chirstmas time it is

  9. NeatGlove Says:

    They’r backed up with Reality TV island because it said “Coming Summer 2009” and HELLO!SUMMER IS OVER! ITS FALL ALREADY! 😡

  10. janet Says:

    i ts not fair that thae said realaty tv was comeing in summer but its fall

  11. JAMIE Says:

    thats cool but what i was asking is how do you talk to other peoplelik say hi

  12. Eddie Says:

    Lets get a chatroom

    1. Incredible Fish Says:

      I already have one sec….

  13. I have been playing Poptropica for the last several months and it is really awesome.

  14. Bendy Glove Says:

    i just finished all the islands and finished counterfeit! it was the best 1 ever seince spy island! (lol CSI type)
    and i dont have any islands left so i need to do reality tv and im so exited!

  15. Amber Faye Says:

    Hey wats up?

    1. Trusty hopper Says:

      hi ppli wish they had a freinds list for poptropica and typing what you say and also see the ppl when your doing a quest on any islands your on

  16. mestier123 Says:

    lego island and followers which includes different doller bills and money with eyes

  17. yth Says:

    please help i need to know how to free talk on poptrica.(example):this girl clicked on me and said what are you staring at me.and well i want to know how to say what ever i want.pppllleeeaassee help

  18. Messy Bite Says:

    is it me, or are there lots of balloons in the place where you can battle and chat with online players? cuz i see alot of balloons

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