Here they are!!!!! Performing in PHINC! QUIXOTIC!!!!!!!

*guitar solo*

It’s called Steamworks. Enjoy 🙂 



I’m coming out Steamwork Island 

With a medallion 

Fighting bad guys 

That cost me a million. 

Floatin up in da air 

With no rides from the fair 

No inventions from the mayor 

Dis island is isolated 

Only clues dat have fingers paced 

Plants destroying 

Mechanics mourning 

Scurvy Gameboy 


Your mystery glows, 

as darkness beholds, 

and behind the metal and machine! 

Against the cold wind, 

on the metalic land, 

as dead leaves float and preen. 

( change of melody) 

Welcome tooo steamworks, the land of the. lost. steam… 



I’ve been waiting for this time 

To fight crime. 

To the earliest 

To the dangerous 

To the carrots 

To the time moving 

To super flying 

To hair rising 

To spirits 

To comics 

To Space 

Now the fake 

Then the Fame 

After that the myths 

From the treasure 

Now steamwork. 

Off to the future. 


Clockwork Kaz 


Fighting Plants 

Getting trap 

Finding your way 

With a map 

Couldn’t see nothing 

With all these vines. 

Looking at fern allies. 

This is where I get my clockwork. 

From steamwork. 

 AWESOME!!!!!  I love dat song!!!! I’m I.F leaving!!


Contact me if you want an explanation.

Sorry for not posting for A LOOOOOOOOOOONG Time! Well Counterfeit island just came out!

So let’s party!

You can get into counterfeit using early pass.

Unfortunately you have to spend 500 credits to get the pass and get only 200 credits! UNFAIR!!

THis blog has a chance of 60% to close. TAIKO’s EDIT: Maybe 90% now.

I see a new creator here and his name is master mime:

Master Mime

 Maybe he is a villian or a main character.

Now to our Creator news
You will get to zip through Counterfeit Island on a cool scooter. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Counterfeit Island is getting closer and closer.

Finnaly Comic kid is done with his interviews about Diary of the wimpy kid and he sets off to a new island called “Counterfeit Island”  Counterfeit means: to imitate or feign especially with intent to deceive; also : to make a fraudulent replica of <counterfeiting $20 bills>
intransitive verb

Well looks cool!

Deathstalker was right with his prediction!

Found here:

There might be music island… Comic Kid traveled to a jazz cafe.

Well, as most of you have probably noticed, I haven’t really been posting. I have gotten busier with school and really don’t have time for blogs anymore. I have two projects and a lot of homework. Plus, studying for tests. So, could you please remove me IF?


Hey people from blogs and all people of earth we have some special news to start with

You don’t have to go to college earn a decent living. Some professions pay good salaries without requiring post-secondary schooling.

A college degree can be a great path towards a well-paying, satisfying profession, but a bachelor’s degree isn’t for everyone. In fact, some see advanced education as overrated. A surge in the number of college graduates have dampened the value of a college education. College comes intact with high tuition, room and board, and supplies fees – and that’s not even factoring in debt payments that usually last for years, if not decades.

 Fail for today


School Day

History went bad. A robber came to our class and pulled out a gun. Luckily I survive and my friend got killed. My teacher had to fight him off and this girl called the police. If you watch the news you would see me.


Most Important

Woooooohooooooooooo. We get to buy Haunted House. How lucky are we. We can now get the scythe anytime *cough*fearless hero*cough*. As I was saying Poptropica is getting fancy. Jeff Kinney even said “I want Poptropica to be the fancy of all fancy virtual game”. So go and buy Haunted House for FREE. My favorite word after AWESOME. Bye guys see you i don’t know when